Vengeance HMS (R71)

HMS Vengeance (R71) was a Colossus-class light aircraft carrier built for the Royal Navy during World War II. The carrier served in three navies during her career: the Royal Navy, the Royal Australian Navy (as HMAS Vengeance, from 1952 to 1955), and the Brazilian Navy (as Minas Gerais, from 1956 to 2001).
Constructed during World War II, Vengeance was one of the few ships in her class to be completed before the war's end, but she did not see active service. The ship spent the next few years as an aircraft transport and training carrier before she was sent on an experimental cruise to learn how well ships and personnel could function in extreme Arctic conditions. In late 1952, Vengeance was loaned to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) as a replacement for the delayed aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne. She remained in Australian waters, operating as an aircraft carrier and training ship, for the majority of her three-year loan, and was returned to the Royal Navy (RN) in August 1955.
Instead of returning to RN service, the carrier was sold in 1956 to Brazil, and entered service after major upgrades, which allowed the ship to operate jet aircraft. Renamed Minas Gerais, the carrier remained in operation until 2001. Several attempts were made to sell the ship, including a listing on eBay, before she was sold for scrap and taken to Alang for breaking up.
Brazil Sg970,1204.


The stamp shows us that the ABOU KARIM is depict, a few ships of that company carry that name, with a number added. The stamp shows us a ship with the ships name ABOU KARIM but without a number, also the vessel has bridge wings, the only vessel under that name which has sailed by that company which carried the name ABOU KARIM and has bridge wings is the 1976 built BERNARD SCHULTE.
Built as a cargo vessel under yard No 199 by Heinrich Brand Schiffswerft GmbH & Co. Oldenburg, Germany for Bernhard Schulte, Hamburg.
March 1976 laid down.
23 October 1976 launched as the BERNARD SCHULTE.
Tonnage 4,485 grt, 2,919 net, 7,852 dwt., dim. 106.6 x 17.4 m., length bpp. 95.0m.
Powered by a MAK diesel engine, 2,648 kW, one shaft, speed 13.5 knots.
Fitted out with two 11 ton cranes for loading and discharging.
25 November 1976 completed. Homeport Hamburg.

1992 Sold by St. Bernard Shipping Co. Ltd., Limassol, Cyprus to Meya Ltd., Malta and renamed ADRIATIC QUEEN.
1999 Sold to Atlanta Shipping Ltd. Malta, renamed ATLANTA SKY.
2000 Sold to Dya shipping co. ltd, Malta and renamed DYA.
The same year transferred to Dya Shipping C0. Ltd., Lebanon and renamed LADY DYA.
2010 Sold to Khalifeh Shipping Line Co., Lebanon and converted in a livestock carrier, renamed ABOU KARIM.
Tonnage 4,824 grt, 7.850 dwt.
2016 Sold to Talia Shipping Line Co. SARL Lebanon and renamed in JULIA AK.
2017 In service same name and owner, IMO No 7434949.

France 2017 20gr letter, sg?, scott?
Source: Marine News and Internet.

Bundaberg HMAS (ACPB 91)

HMAS Bundaberg (ACPB 91), named after the city of Bundaberg, Queensland, was an Armidale class patrol boat of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The ship was built in Henderson, Western Australia, and was commissioned into the RAN in March 2007. Based at HMAS Cairns, Bundaberg spent much of her career deployed as part of border protection and fisheries protection patrols as part of Operation Resolute. In addition, the patrol boat was involved in several national and multinational training exercises, visited Vanuatu in 2011 (the vessel's only overseas deployment), tracked a suspected drug-smuggling vessel that led to a multimillion-dollar seizure, and participated in the International Fleet Review 2013. In August 2014, a large fire broke out on the ship while she was undergoing refit. Extensive damage from the fire led to the ship's decommissioning in December 2014.
The Armidale class patrol boats are 56.8 metres (186 ft) long, with a beam of 9.7 metres (32 ft), a draught of 2.7 metres (8 ft 10 in), and a standard displacement of 270 tons. The semi-displacement vee hull is fabricated from aluminium alloy, and each vessel is built to a combination of Det Norske Veritas standards for high-speed light craft and RAN requirements. The Armidales can travel at a maximum speed of 25 knots (46 km/h; 29 mph), and are driven by two propeller shafts, each connected to an MTU 16V M70 diesel. The ships have a range of 3,000 nautical miles (5,600 km; 3,500 mi) at 12 knots (22 km/h; 14 mph), allowing them to patrol the waters around the distant territories of Australia, and are designed for standard patrols of 21 days, with a maximum endurance of 42 days.
The main armament of the Armidale class is a Rafael Typhoon stabilised 25-millimetre (0.98 in) gun mount fitted with an M242 Bushmaster cannon. Two 12.7-millimetre (0.50 in) machine guns are also carried. Boarding operations are performed by two 7.2-metre (24 ft), waterjet propelled rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs). Each RHIB is stored in a dedicated cradle and davit, and is capable of operating independently from the patrol boat as it carries its own communications, navigation, and safety equipment.
Each patrol boat has a standard ship's company of 21 personnel, with a maximum of 29. The Armidales do not have a permanently assigned ship's company; instead, they are assigned to divisions at a ratio of two vessels to three companies, which rotate through the vessels and allow the Armidales to spend more time at sea, without compromising sailors' rest time or training requirements. A 20-berth auxiliary accommodation compartment was included in the design for the transportation of soldiers, illegal fishermen, or unauthorised arrivals; in the latter two cases, the compartment could be secured from the outside. However, a malfunction in the sewerage treatment facilities aboard HMAS Maitland in August 2006 pumped hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide into the compartment, non-fatally poisoning four sailors working inside, after which use of the compartment for accommodation was banned across the class.
Bundaberg was constructed by Austal at their shipyard in Henderson, Western Australia. She was commissioned into the RAN in her namesake city on 3 March 2007.
Operational history
The ship was assigned to Ardent Division, based at HMAS Cairns in Cairns, Queensland, and performed border protection and fisheries protection patrols. After commissioning and a schedule of work-up exercises, she was deployed as part of Operation Resolute for the first time in April 2007. Regular deployments as par of Operation Resolute made up the bulk of the patrol boat's operations during her career.
Bundaberg took part in Exercise Talisman Sabre during June 2007. After the exercise, the first boarding of an illegal foreign fishing vessel was made by Bundaberg's personnel. In July, the ship's company participated in the City of Bundaberg's Bundy In Bloom festival, and were granted the keys to the city. In October, the ship rescued the crew of a capsized yacht off Mindle Beach, Northern Territory. On 4 January 2008, Bundaberg was forced to sail from Darwin to avoid being caught in confined waters by Cyclone Helen.
During May and June 2010, Bundaberg was temporarily removed from Operation Resolute to participate in a Minor War Vessel Concentration Period, before visiting Bundaberg and the Gold Coast. In November, the patrol boat was part of the annual Australia - Papua New Guinea Exercise Paradise. On 4 December, the ship was undergoing routine maintenance in Darwin when a fire started in a storeroom on board. There were no injuries, but damage to Bundaberg kept her out of operation until mid-April 2011. Shortly after returning to service, Bundaberg sailed overseas for the first and only time: a four-day visit to Port Villa, Vanuatu, which saw the patrol boat leave Cairns on 28 April 2011, and return on 8 May. In October, Bundaberg tracked the yacht Friday Freedom as part of an Australian Customs and Australian Federal Police (AFP) anti-smuggling operation. The yacht was detained by the AFP on arrival in Bundaberg, with 300 kilograms (660 lb) of cocaine and A$3 million in cash seized in Australia's fifth-largest drug bust.
In November 2012, Bundaberg was a part of Exercise Paradise/Triton Thunder. On 22 September, Bundaberg sailed from Cairns to Sydney, escorting four Pacific-class patrol boats which were to participate in the International Fleet Review 2013. Bundaberg was also a participant in the review: on 4 October, she was part of the 100th anniversary re-enactment of the RAN's first fleet entry into Sydney Harbour, then on 5 November, sailed into Sydney Harbour again as part of Review Line 2 for the fleet review itself.
During August 2014, the patrol boat was undergoing refit work at Aluminium Boats Australia (ABA), a civilian shipyard in Hemmant, Queensland. Before midday on 11 August 2014, a large fire broke out aboard, starting in a forward interior section and moving aft. The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) were alerted at 11:52, but it was not until 17:00 that the fire was extinguished, and over the course of the afternoon, 15 fire appliances and over 60 firefighters attended the scene. Two civilian contractors were treated for smoke inhalation, and no other injuries were reported. Financial difficulties following the fire (including the loss of the naval repair contract, the cost of investigating the fire, and industry-wide pressure from imports of foreign-built vessels) cumulated in ABA being placed into voluntary administration on 4 November 2014. As of 5 November 2014, no cause for the fire had been identified, although the QFES speculated at the time of the incident that repair work was responsible.
The ship was extensively damaged in the blaze, and on 18 December 2014, Bundaberg was ceremonially decommissioned at the naval base HMAS Cairns, with the patrol boat's ensign lowered for the final time from the base's flagstaff.

Solomon Is Sg?

DON QUIJOTE vehicle carrier

Built as a vehicle carrier under yard no 4417 by Daewoo Heavy Industries, Okpo, South Korea for Walauto AB, (Wallenius Lines, Sweden), Singapore.
14 July 1997 first section placed.
01 November 1997 launched as the DON QUIJOTE two sisters the DON CARLOS and DON PASQUALE.
Tonnage 56,893 grt, 23,693 nrt, 14,927 dwt, dim. 199.1 x 32.3m, length bpp.190.5m.
Powered by one KHIC MAN B&W type 8560 MC diesel engine, 20,000 bhp, one shaft, speed 20.5 knots. One bow-thruster when built.
Has a capacity to carry 5,873 cars or a combination of 2,949 cars and 488 trucks on 13 decks when built.
Fitted out with a stern ramp.
Crew 30 after lengthening.
05 February 1998 completed, IMO No 9138525. Under Swedish flag and registry after completion.

2006 Lengthened by Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard, Vietnam. Tonnage 67,141 grt, 28,379 nrt, 28,542 dwt., dim. length 227.90m. bpp.219.3m.
A extra bow-thruster of 1,500 kW fitted in during lengthening.
Capacity after lengthening for 7,194 cars or a combination of 3,700 cars and 600 trucks.
2010 Transferred to Parsifal Shipping Pte. Ltd., Singapore and under Singapore flag and registry.
09 December 2016 transferred to WWL Shipowning Singapore and managed by Wallenius Marine Singapore Pte, Singapore. Operated by Eukor.
2017 Same name and owner.

2017 France 20gr letter sg?, scott?
Source: Mr. Jean-Louis Araignon . ... ote_am.pdf and internet.



This famous two-year Swan class contest was held for the first time in 1987 in the waters of Guernsey. The elegant and expensive Swan class yachts are all built by Nauter in Kållby near Jakobstad, Finland.
In Guernsey they go at anchor on arrival in the merchant port for a week, the week is jam-packed full of action with sailing races around the island. The 31p stamp shows yachts of the Swan class participating in these competitions.
The connection between the yachts and shore in Guernsey is maintained with a water taxi, so that crews of these yachts can go out for nightlife or for groceries, and often bring a visit at the Yacht Club in Castle Cornet.
There are more as 2000 Swans built so far, which model is depict I am not sure but more info on all the models is given on:

Guernsey 1991 31p sg 527, scott 462.
Source: Guernsey Post Office.

SIGMA 33 class yacht


This race is depict on the 25p stamp. It is a handicap race between Guernsey and Jersey, which is open to any yacht of these two islands. In 1999, more than 150 yachts participated in this challenge. The sailboat depicted on this 26p stamp is most similar to a Sigma 33 fast sail cruiser yacht, designed by David Thomas from the U.K. in 1979.

The first Sigma 33 was built in 1978.
The type is not more built, but secondhand Sigma’s 33 are around.
The type was built by Sigma Yachts in Plymouth.
Displacement 4,309 kg, dim. 9.84 x 3.20 x 1.85m. draught.
1,724 kg solid ballast
Sloop rigged.
Sail area 573 sq ft.
Auxiliary engine a Volvo Pinta diesel.
Two cabins has berth for 7 persons.

Guernsey 1991 26p sg 526, scott 461.
Source Internet, and Guernsey Post.


Built as a container vessel under yard No 4161 by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. Ltd., Okpo, South Korea for Nordenskiold SNC Great Britain.
10 April 2012 laid down.
02 June 2012 launched as the CMA CGM MARCO POLO one of the Explorer class.
Tonnage 175343 grt, 85361 nrt, 187625 dwt., dim. 396 x 53.6 x 29.9m., length bpp. 378.4m, draught 16m.
Powered by one Wårtsilå 14RT-flex96c diesel engine, manufactured by Doosan Engine Co. Ltd, Changwon, South Korea, 102276 hp. (75275 kW), one shaft, speed 25 knots.
8 Holds, total TEU’s 16,029 included 1,100 reefer TEU’s
Accommodation for 10 passengers and 27 crew.
06 November 2012 completed. Managed by CMA CGM SA the French Line, Marseille.
She sails under British flag and registry with homeport London. IMO No 9454436.

For a short time she was the largest container ship in the world before she was surpassed by the Maersk Triple E Class.
07 November 2012 sails from Ningbo, China on her maiden voyage to Europe, she is used in the FAL 1 service between China and Europe.
2017 In service same name and owners.

More info on her is given on: (slow downloader)

France 2017 20gr letter, sg ?, scott?
Source: Bureau Veritas. Miramar.

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