Felucca served as a cargo carrier, passenger vessel, man-of-war, corsair, and guardian of ports. Terra has been applied to a number of differ¬ent types of vessels during a long history that ended in the 19th century. Small types generally both rowed and sailed; large vessels only sailed, stepping 1-3 masts. Generally set lateen sails, although a sprit rig was common on some small open feluccas in the 17th century. Some As many as 20 banks of oars used and, on older types, outboard gangways supported standing rowers. Sharp ends, flat floors, shallow keel, flared sides. Most had a low beak. The later Spanish craft had a very tall stem extension. Most had an overhang¬ing poop deck, some had a cabin aft, and larger vessels were fully decked. On some, the helm could be placed at either end as needed. The corsair carried ca. 20 men. Reported lengths 9-19m, widths 1.8-3.7m, depths 0.7-1.12m.
Feluccas are the traditional sailboats of Egypts Nile . Egyptians and foreigners alike enjoy a relaxing felucca ride, as they are perfect for catching the breeze on a hot summer night, The felucca has remained, over the centuries, the primary transportation of the Nile . Its ancient form still graces the river as it has been done since the time of the Pharaohs. The felucca relies entirely on the breeze which builds during the day, and the Nile River's current. Egypt is blessed with a predominant southerly wind that pushes sailboats upriver, while allowing them to return on its current downstream.
Egipt 2014;le4. Dominica 1998; 90c; SG2459. Monaco 1979;1f50; SG1396. Uganda 1998;3000s;SG Ms1973b. (In margin of sheet).
Source: A Dictionary of the world’s Watercraft from Aak to Zumbra. http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories ... rev=search

LILIAN GRANDIN in a sampan on the Yangtze River.

Jersey issued in 1976 a set of four stamps to commemorate that 100 years ago Mrs. Lilian Grandin was born on the island. One stamp the 7p has a maritime theme, it shows Mrs. Grandin in a sampan on the Yangtze River in China.

Of the river sampan is given: She was used by Mrs. Grandin on the Yangtze River, this sampan is a passenger sampan which is decked and covered, steered with a long sweep. poled or rowed, set a single square sail.

Lilian Grandin, born in St Helier in 1876 (a commemorative plaque on the building where she was born gives the date as 1896, but commemorative stamps were issued by Jersey Post Office in 1976 to commemorate the centenary of her birth), was Jersey's first woman doctor. She went to China as a Methodist missionary, where she met and married journalist Edwin John Dingle. She died in 1924 of typhus after setting up a clinic and leper colony in Yunnan province.

Jersey 1976 7p sg 165, scott?


Tonga issued in 1988 a miniature sheet for the Australian Bicentennial, the sheet depict the 200th anniversary of colonization of Australia.
Only one stamp the second of the top row depict a ship, most probably a convict ship, the first emigrant ships did arrive after 1800. It looks like the stamps have been designed after paintings, drawing or photos but a search on the net did not find the ship, and so her name is still unknown.
The person depict on the stamp is the first governor of Australia Captain Arthur Phillip, who arrived with the First Fleet in 1788.
The first stamp of the top row shows a painting of Captain Cook with what looks like part of his log book for his voyage to Australia.

Tonga 1988 42s sgMS 989, scott ?


On the sheetlet of Gabon depict famous sails of the XIX-XX.
600f- DOM FERNANDO II e GLORIA- see more details: viewtopic.php?f=2&t= 11124.
880f- СUTTY SARK - see more details: viewtopic.php?f=2&t= 9027.
1150f- FLYING CLOUD - see more details: viewtopic.php?f=2&t= 8507.
1500f- KRUSENSTERN - see more details: viewtopic.php?f=2&t= 8107.
Gabonaise 2017;600f;880f;1150f;1500f;Ms.

CHANTAL fishing boat

The R3 stamp issued by Zil El Wannyen Sesel for the Lloyd’s London Centenary in 1988 is given by Stanley Gibbons as the fishing boat CHANTEL.

Could not find a CHANTEL as a fishing boat in the islands, but CHANTAL exist, I found that the fishing boat schooner rigged CHANTAL was fitted out in 1988 with an echo sounder and electrically powered reels. Could not find any more details on the vessel or if she still is used as a fishing boat in 2018.

Zil.el Wannyen Sesel 1988 3R sg187, scott?

GLOVIS SOLOMON ro-ro car carrier 2011

This miniature sheet issued by Qatar in 2017 shows us the Port of Hamad with in the background in the margin a container vessel, and on the other side of the port some cargo ships, all this ships have been not identified, The stamp depict a vehicle carrier and identified by Watercraft Philately as the GLOVIS SOLOMON.
Built as a ro-ro vehicle carrier under yard No S400 by Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., Moko, South Korea for C Ladybug Corp., Panama.
18 June 2010 keel laid down.
08 October 2010 launched as the C LADYBUG.
Tonnage 72.635 grt, 26,226 net, 26,988 dwt. Dim. 232.52 x 32.26 x 20.11m. draught 10.01 m., length bpp. 222.40m.
Powered by 1 Wärtsilä/Hyundai 7RT-flex82T single acting 8 cyl. 19,040 kW. The engine was built Hyundai Heavy Ind. Engine & Machinery, Ulsan, South Korea. One fixed pitch propeller, speed 20 knots.
Car capacity 8,100 units.
Tank capacity, fuel oil 4,170.7 m³, ballast water 12,516,1 m³.
11 July 2011 completed, under Panama flag and registry.

July 2014 sold to Hyundai Gloves Co, Ltd, Seoul, South Korea and renamed GLOVES SOLOMON. Under Marshall Island flag and registry.
2018 in service same name and owners, IMO No 9445409.

Sources: Various internet sites and Miramar.
Qatar 2017 4.50R/8.50R sgMS?, scott?


Brazil issued one stamp in 2017 for the 200th anniversary of independence, the theme of the stamp is a portrait of Princess Maria Leopoldina, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Leo ... of_Austria

The warship depict on the stamp is the Portuguese DOM JOÃO VI she was one of the ships who escorted the two Austrian warships to Brazil were Maria Leopoldina arrived in Rio de Janeiro on 13 August 1817.
The design of the ship on the stamp is made after a watercolour made by Franz Joseph Frühbeck.
The DOM JOÃO VI was a wooden hulled two decked ship-of-the-line built by the Naval Arsenal in Lisbon for the Portuguese Navy.
24 August 1816 launched under the name DOM JOÃO VI.
Tonnage 3,206 ton, length on deck 60m, beam 14.03m.
Armament 14 – 32pdr. 30 – cannons of 22 lb. and 30 cannons 18 lb.
Crew 537.

1817 She was part of a naval squadron that escorted the Austrian Archduchess Maria Leopoldina Giuseppa Carolina of Habsburg-Lorraine to Brazil after she had married Crown Prince Don Pedro de Alcântara.
1821 She brought King John VI of Portugal and his family and the body of his mother Queen Maria from Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon, where Queen Maria was buried in the Monastery of Sâo Vincente de Fora in Lisbon.
Sometime later the DOM JOÃO VI sailed back to Rio de Janeiro, making a call at Pernambuco, she was that voyage under command of Maximiliano de Sousa who had to oblige the Crown Prince Dom Pedro to paternal obedience.
But instead the vessel was assigned to the squadron of Joâo Félix Pereira de Campos and sailed to Bahia.
April 1823 for a long period the squadron was patrolling off the coast of Bahia.
1826 The DOM JOÃO VI sailed to Brest, where after she brought back Prince Dom Miguel to Rio de Janeiro.
During the Civil War in Brazil she took part in the Battle of Praia da Vitória on 11 August 1829 as a unit of the Royal Navy Squadron under command of Admiral José Joaquim da Rosa Coelho.
11 July 1831 took part in the Battle of the Tagus against a French naval squadron under command of Rear Admiral Albin Roussin. She was captured by the French but later returned to the Portuguese Government.
05 August 1833 she took part in the Battle of Capo San Vincenzo as flagship of Admiral António Marreiros, she was captured by the constitutionalist forces under command of Admiral Charles Napier.
1836 In use as a depot ship. From 1841-1842 her usable parts of her rigging and sailing equipment and other usable parts were used for a newbuilding, the 80 gun vessel VASCO DA GAMA, and her recommissioned as a fighting ship was a lengthy political debate between 1849 – 1851.
1851 It was decided not to use her again.
1852 The DOM JOÃO VI was demolished.

Source: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dom_Jo%C3%A3o_VI_(1816)
Brazil 2017 2.40R$ sg?, scott?

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