EDINBURGH barque 1883 figurehead

This postal card issued by the USA Mail shows us an imprinted stamp of 12c of a ships figurehead from the barque EDINBURG. The figurehead is carved by the Canadian wood carver John Rogerson (1837-1925) and it is believed to have been modelled on the Duchess of Edinburgh, The Russian born daughter of Czar Alexander II and daughter in law of Queen Victoria. The figurehead was sold by Christie’s New York in 2007 for $262,400 to a private European buyer, much more as the worth of the ship when built.

Built as a wooden barque in 1883 by W.Charland at Levis, Quebec for his own account.
Launched as the EDINBURGH.
Tonnage 1,318 ton, dim. 203.3 x 28.6 x 23.9ft.
She was built of oak, hackmatack and elm.

1883 Maiden voyage under command of Captain Thos. Filkins, and registered in Quebec, Canada.
1884 Is given as owner John Herron of Liverpool, and registered in Liverpool.
The ships of J. Herron & Co., Liverpool were mostly used between the U.K. and Australia, so most probably also the EDINBURGH.
1905 Was she sold to Biagio Mortola, Genoa, Italy not renamed.
1905 She foundered off Bermuda and was washed up on the beach of Bermuda. The figurehead was bought by the American consul of Bermuda, and for many years it was standing in the garden of the Consulate until bought by the Addison Gallery.

Source: Log Book 4/51.
USA 1974 postal card UX67.

WALO research vessel

The Fisheries Research Vessel WALO which is depict on this stamp of 1980 is a trawler longliner with a length of 18 metres. Watercraft Philately gives her as WAL O which is not correct.
When and where built unknown.
Used by the Solomon Island Department of Fisheries for research work around the islands.
1985 Not more used due of lack of funds and severe limitations placed on the vessel’s use due to the many poor aspects of the design.
Fate unknown.

Solomon Island 1980 80c sg416, scott424.
Source: Solomon Island Government PIMRIS.


Transportation of fish products is largely by water in the Solomon Islands and one of the vessels used in this transport is the UFI NA TASI which is owned by the Solomon Island Government and she was acquired by the Solomon Government under Japanese Aid.
So most probably she is built in Japan, not a yard and when built is given but I can find her in 1979 in Solomon Island Government papers.
She has a length of 21.7 metre, and is powered by a 200hp diesel engine and has three insulated holds with a total capacity of 25.3 m³. The holds temperature can be kept on -25 C.
Between 1979 and 1980 was she chartered by STACO Ltd. and used for the fish collection service around the islands, but the charter was terminated in the end of 1980 due to economic factors and mechanical problems.
The Department of Fisheries in the Solomon Islands operated then the vessel which was used for the transport of frozen fish, sometimes used for charter work.
1985 She was laid up due to major engine trouble.
After cyclone Namu passed the Solomon Islands in May 1986 she was used for relief work from 23 May 1986 till 16 June 1986 around the islands.
After this date the vessel is not more mentioned in any document.
Fate unknown
Source: Various internet sites.
Solomon Island 1980 sg415, scott423

ISABEL II (1851) Spain

Built in 1850-'51 by Charles J. Mare & Co., Blackwall, London for Spain.
Paddle steamer, displacement:2879 tons, L:66m. B:14,50m. Depth:6,40m. steam engine:500 nhp. 12 kn. armament:16-68 pounders (200 mm.) complement:300, 3 sisterships.
In 1859 and 1860 she took part in a war in Africa.
In September 1868 renamed CIUDAD DE CÁDIZ, 1882 demolished.

(Equatorial Guinea 1996, 500 f. StG.?)



Solomon Islands 1980 20c sg414, scott422


SONG OF THE WIND a yacht built in 1919 by D. Roose & Co., Ghent, Belgium for?
If she is built under that name I am not sure.
Dim. 49.7 x 10 x 6.3 Ft.
Fitted out with an auxiliary engine.
The picture of Hamilton Harbour, Bermuda, from which the design was taken, shows that the mast on the left belongs to another sloop tied on the far side of SONG OF THE WIND.
By trawling around the internet, I could find nothing on the yacht, more details and fate needed.

Bermuda 1936 1/2d and 1s6d, sg 98 and 106, scott105 and 114.
Source; Log Book 16/40

LUCIE yacht

The stamp appeared in 1937 to little fanfare, purporting to show a “typical Bermuda yacht.” The governor of the British Crown Colony had personally selected the photograph of LUCIE, thinking it to be the VIKING, a local six-meter. Apparently, someone in the postal ministry realized the error but decided that nobody would ever notice. In fact, nobody did until VIKING’s owner took out his magnifying glass.
However, when Bermuda revamped its stamp set in 1938 to substitute George VI for George V, the LUCIE stamp sailed on with only a slight color modification. That’s when the furor erupted. A headline in a New York paper declared, “American Yacht on Bermuda Issue Makes Britons Angry All Over Again” and the story appeared in papers wherever yachting was popular

The six-meter yacht LUCIE was designed in 1931 by Clinton Crane and built by Nevin’s at City Island, New York for Briggs Cuningham, Saltport Conn.
1932 Completed as the LUCIE named after his first wife.
She was specially built for racing between the U.S. and Bermuda under the International 6-metre rule.
LUCIE was in the winning American team in the British-American Cup races on the Solent in 1932, at Long Island in 1934, and took part in the races at Bermuda in 1934 for the Prince of Wales Cup.
In 1940 was she renamed in LUCIE/STORK; Previous owner, Wilmot Vail, Rooney Castle, Rochester, N.Y.
In 1962 was her previous owner Hugh T. Brown, Hamilton Ontario and was she sailing on Lake Ontario under the name LUCIE/STORK.
In 1968 was her previous owner Mathews; National Yacht Club in Toronto, On. still under the name LUCIE/STORK.
In 1986 she had as previous owners first Patrick T. Henley then Peter J. Durand and Frederick M. Miller and was she sailing under the name LUCIE.
In 2004 her previous owner Thomas Owsley Rodes still sailing as the LUCIE.
In 2005 was her previous owner Gregory C. Carroll, not renamed.
2011The LUCIE is now owned by Matt Brooks, STFYC, San Francisco, CA. she is restored.
Displacement 8,300 Lbs., dim. now. 37 x 6 x 5.6ft. (draught), length on waterline 23 ft.
2017 Still sailing as the LUCIE by this owner.

Source: Log Book 7/74. http://lucie.org/about/
Bermuda 1936 2d sg101, scott108. 1938 2d sg112-112a, scott109/109A

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