I.A.T. (Braz.)

Rowing boat, displacement:1190 kg. L:5.94m.
Amyr Klink was the first person to row across the South Atlantic, leaving from Lüderitz, Namibia on 10 June 1984 and arriving 100 days later at Praia de Espera, Salvador, Brazil on 18 September 1984. His chronicles 100 Days Between Sea and Sky reports on the journey, during which he rowed a small boat with his arms from Africa to the state of Bahia in Brazil. The food portions in this trip were compacted into packages of freeze-dried food, especially designed for him by a food processing company in Brazil.

(Brazil 2000, Rs 1.00, StG.?)

DOHA 2006 yacht

The DOHA 2006 was built in 2000 as a maxi-catamaran by Multiplast, Vannes, France, she was designed by Gilles Ollier.
08 May 2000 launched as the CLUB MED. One sister the ORANGE.
Displacement 23 tons, dim. 33.50 x 16.50m.
Crew 13.

2000 Under Skipper Grant Dalton took part in The Race https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Race_(yachting_race) around the world race, which she won.
Between 2000/02 she took part in various races under the name MAIDEN 2 with skipper Tracy Edwards.
2004 Took part in the Oryx Quest race from Doha, Qatar as the DOHA 2006 under skipper Brian Thompson, she won this race.
After this race she was mostly used from Doha, Qatar, and in February 2012 was she moored at the Pearl Marina in Doha, after she had received damage on her starboard hull due to a mistake made by mooring.
2017 Can’t find a trace of her. The photo and stamp have her under the name QATAR 2006.

Source: Wikipedia.
Qatar2005 50R sg?, scott?


Amyr Klink, the Brazilian solitary navigator, completed the difficult task of circumnavigating in 1998 the Antarctic continent aboard his aluminum yacht PARATII, built by himself and Jean Lieutaud, Displacement:20 tons, L:15,35m. He reported reaching the fantastic speed of twenty-five knots while surfing gigantic waves without loosing steering control. The whole trip was as endurance test, for both Amyr and his polar yacht.
The news of this voyage was published by some of the most important yachting magazines of the world, praising the merits of this Yacht. PARATII had already proven herself for being one of the two first single handed yachts to hibernate in the Antarctic continent, and for this accomplishment she received the Tilman prize awarded by the Royal Cruising Club as a superb polar yacht.
Amyr related his latest adventures in a present bestseller Endless Sea. In his accounts one of the reasons for the success of the trip was the seaworthiness of his boat.

(Brazil 2000, Rs1.00, StG.?)


When trade and shipping increased in Europe, many countries and towns made shipping laws, of which the first one was written around 1200.
In 1497 Dr. Herman Langenbeke mayor of Hamburg revised the shipping law of 1301/06 of the town.
The Paraguay stamps of 1972 shows the cover picture from the section of the sea law “Van Schiprecht” of 1497.

Paraguay 1972 50g sg?, scott 1435.
Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File ... HG.ajb.jpg Navicula and Internet.


Built for the Wallis & Futuna Government to be used as a wooden hulled passenger ship between the islands. She was built by Chantier France-Gironde at Bordeaux, France.
Launched as the REINE AMELIA, Vedette.
Tonnage 97 grt, 44 net, dim. 25 x 5.1 x 2.2m. (draught).
Powered by two Gardner diesel engines, 344 hp.
1964 Completed.

After arrival in Wallis & Futuna used in the government service between the islands of Wallis & Futuna, but she was found inadequate for the service.
1966 Was she transferred to Noumea, New Caledonia and refitted for use as a training vessel for apprentices
01/02 February 1969 was she badly damaged by cyclone Colleen and her anchorage destroyed.
June 1969 sold to Robert Vanhalle, a local fisherman in Noumea, renamed in COLLEEN in honour of the cyclone and used as a fishing boat, registered in Noumea.
Fate unknown.
Wallis & Futuna 1965 11fr sg186, scott?
Source: Log Book 5/62-110, 12/64-164 and 14/269.

Lost Illusions

Lost Illusions (Les Illusions Perdues) is a painting by Charles Gleyre and his student Leon Dussart, commissioned by William Thompson Walters in 1865.

Charles Gleyre was known as an artist of classic methods but romantic tastes who often modified heroism into idyllic scenes. However, in execution he was not considered romantic, due to his use of pale colours, his delicate drawing style, and uncertain light. At the 1843 Salon (in Paris), Gleyre received praise for The Evening. In 1865, William T. Walters would commission a replica of the painting which was completed by Gleyre and Dussart and is now also known as Lost Illusions.

Lost Illusions depicts a vision Gleyre experienced one evening while on the banks of the Nile. It represents a despondent scene and uses softened tones. In the scene, an aging poet watches as a mysterious "bark" drifts away with his youthful illusions. The illusions are represented by maidens playing instruments and a cupid scattering flowers.

Currently, Lost Illusions is being featured in Off the Wall, an open-air exhibition on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. A reproduction of the painting, the original is part of The Walters Art Museum collection, was on display through January 2014 in O'Donnell Square. The National Gallery in London began the concept of bringing art out of doors in 2007 and the Detroit Institute of Art introduced the concept in the U.S.. The Off the Wall reproductions of the Walters' paintings are done on weather-resistant vinyl and include a description of the painting and a QR code for smart phones.


France Sg?


When in 1863 Captain Robert Todd won the contract simultaneaously to carry the mail and parcel service bi-monthly from Venezuelan ports via Curacao to St Thomas, at that time Danish Virgin Islands, the need arose to acquire a vessel.

A screw steam sailing vessel was ordered by the Laird Bros in Birkenhead, U.K.
Built as an iron hulled packet vessel under yard No 306 by Laird Bros, Birkenhead for Leech, Harrison & Forwood, Liverpool, at that time they were the managers of the West-India & Pacific SS Co. in Liverpool.
04 May 1864 launched as the ROBERT TODD.
Tonnage 314 gross, 218 net, dim. 47.97 x 7.31 x 3.87m. (draught).
One 80 hp. steam engine.
Two masts, schooner rigged.
1864 completed. Some sources give that Captain Todd was the owner, but the yard list of Laird Bros give that she was built for Leech, Harrison & Forwood. Most probably Todd was a shareholder in the ship.

26 June 1864 the ROBERT TODD arrived on her maiden voyage in St Thomas from Liverpool. On 29 June 1864 she cleared for La Guairá, Venezuela, via Curacao and Port Cabello under command of Captain Todd. At that time she sailed under Venezuelan flag and registry. The distance between St Thomas and Curacao is ca. 440 miles and took the ROBERT TODD about 60 hours.
Thereafter she maintained the two-monthly service between this ports.
Around July 1867 Todd sold his ship and the mail contract to the merchant and ship-owner Messrs. J.A. Jeserun & Son, Curacao. The ROBERT TODD continued in service until 29 October 1867 when the ROBERT TODD was anchored in the harbour of St Thomas and the port was hit by a severe hurricane, the ROBERT TODD was driven ashore and filled with water. During that hurricane around 80 vessels were lost and 800 people killed in St Thomas. I think the crew of the Robert Todd were all rescued, can’t find any fatalities for the ship.
21 February 1868 advertised for sale by auction, that it looks that she was salvaged and repaired.
In June 1868 Lamb & Co. St Thomas announced the sailing of steamer ESTRELLA for la Guaira, which according to Venezuelan newspapers report was the former ROBERT TODD purchased by Lamb & Co.
21 December 1868 the ESTRELLA was wrecked on the Rocas Reef, Brazil a total loss, passengers and mail were saved.

Stamps used by Todd were printed to his order and his successor for the payment of postage on mail to be carried on the ROBERT TODD. They were valued for prepayment of postage in Venezuela in both directions, only the issue used till 1869 depict a two mast schooner rigged steamship and shows us the ROBERT TODD, the issues from 1869 shows us a three mast vessel, and can’t be the ROBERT TODD, till so far she has not been identified.

La Guairá 1864 Local Post Issues. Various stamps and colours.
Source: Log Book 4/68 and 14/194.

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